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Wonder why that is, that a day off work rushes past so much faster than when I'm on the job, sigh...Don't have much to show for my day off, either; organized my undies drawer, cleaned out the rabbit's cage and changed the cats' litter and potted some flowers for the front porch and did the laundry. Oh, and I actually COOKED food for lunch instead of fast food or frozen dinners, sigh...made seasoned chicken breasts cooked in olive oil, smushed some potatoes and had spinach, too, and breadsticks...this evening my daughter Lisa and I are making an Italian creme cake with raspberry/cream cheese frosting, yum. Drank too much coffee today, read too many angsty, made-me-weepy Supernatural fanfics (post-4.22, most of 'em) and am now listening to classic rock on my cable dmx channel. So far I've enjoyed Joe Walsh, The Eagles, Elton John, Steely Dan, Allman Brothers Band, Deep Purple, Boston...good good stuff, people. My son got good news today, as well; the 'suspicious' mole on his face is NOT cancerous, hooray, so that's a relief. And that is the exciting state of affairs round here today. I don't know why exactly but I feel very melancholy and nostalgic and weepy, a bit sad and forlorn and a bit old and bedraggled and wistful, for what I have no clue. Sigh...
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