May. 30th, 2009

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I'm usually quite happy to putter around on the weekend, reading voraciously and surfing the 'net and doing a bit of desultory housework and catching up on all the Netflix movies I've left lying around during the week and never had time to watch. But today I'm too restless to pay attention to anything on screen, sigh, and both my inbox and my ljs are DEAD as can be...not even much news yet coming from the big SPN convention in England this weekend. The few youtube vids that are up are so raucous and chaotic sound-wise that I can barely understand what is being said on them, so I will just wait for someone who was there to translate it all, ha. I've read a lot of complaints about how disorganized it's been and how the lines were so horribly long for everything, but maybe that's all been sorted out by this point. Jensen's hair is definitely longer, he looks younger that way and less Dean-like, ha, but I confess I like the Dean look better!

Anyway...since I am so bored, sigh, I have decided to list ten books that I am currently reading (I read like a zillion books all at the same time, drives my daughter nuts cause she says I can't possibly keep up with all the plot lines from each, but I am too ADD I guess to just stick with one book at a time); and along with listing the titles, here are the first sentences or paragraphs from each one, behind a cut since I've already used up so much space...Read more... )


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