Jun. 21st, 2009

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Haven't posted in awhile; was busy last weekend helping my daughter move from one on-campus apartment at UT Dallas to her new one for fall, and boy was that a killer weekend, LOTS of backbreaking labor moving zillions of boxes and heavy furniture up a flight of stairs over about 13 hours in high heat and humidity. Bleh. Then Tuesday the same daughter had her cardiology appointment and sonogram to find out about her irregular heartbeat; more on that later, but for now she's fine. Friday my other daughter had her neurology appointment, she's gonna stay on her same seizure meds since they are working well and will need another heart sonogram within a year or two as her genetic defect makes her at risk for a VERY serious, often fatal condition called aortic dissection, sigh. And that is the short summary of my past week. So, on to the book rec!

The book is called The Devil's Rose; it is the story of a damned soul, a former Texas Ranger from the 19th Century, who goes to Hell and becomes a ranger/hunter for Lucifer. Fitted with living serpent cuffs to track and monitor him and keep him from trying to flee Hell himself, Cole (the ranger) is sent on trips to earth to retrieve escaped, damned souls and return them to Hell. There is also a tragic romance in Cole's past, the ill-fated Rose from which the book takes its title and the driving impetus for what Cole has become. The book is filled with the macabre and fascinating artwork of Brom,who is also the author, and since my fave show on tv is "Supernatural," this book was right up my alley. Once you pick it up, the story and the artwork just draw you in. The book lists for $22.95 but I found a used, like-new copy on amazon for $4.99, so good deal! I could actually envision this book as a movie.

And speaking of movies...my movie rec today is a gay-themed film called "Lilies." I watched it this morn online through Netflix's 'watch instantly' option and really liked it. It's a very unusual movie in structure and how the flashbacks are done, and as in the olden days of original Shakespearean theater, all the female roles in the movie are played by men. It is the tragic story of two young, beautiful gay men in love in late 19th Century Canada and of the soul-eating lust and jealousy and hatred of a third young man whose zeal for the church clashes with his own closeted desires for one of the two lovers and ends up destroying lives. The two young men playing the lead characters in this movie are indeed lovely to look at (imo, ha!), and I just loved the period setting and the way the film moved back and forth from the end of the 19th Century to the movie's 'current' moment (listed as taking place in 1952). There is some boy-on-boy kissing and caressing and one brief shot of full frontal nudity when one of them is climbing into the tub, but nothing too explicit. I rather liked the love scene between the two characters that takes place in that same bath tub, so lovely to watch imo,ha! The story ultimately is tragic, sigh, but I do recommend this movie.


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