Aug. 22nd, 2009

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My son got bad news this morn; a young man named Frank, part of my son's circle of longtime friends, was walking home late last night and was struck by a car and apparently killed instantly. Frank was only 23 years old, and my son and the rest of his gang who were all mutual friends with Frank are all in shock and grieving the unexpected and senseless loss of their friend. Frank's closest friend had tried to give Frank a ride home last night and Frank had laughingly declined, saying he'd be fine and was only walking a short distance to his girlfriend's house; he never made it there. So so sad; my son was in a rock band with Frank for awhile and as I said, these kids all hung out together from way back in their high school days (my son is 25 now). Another mutual friend in this core group of friends committed suicide a few months ago, and they were all still trying to come to terms with that when this happened. So today my son is off with all his friends and Frank's devastated girlfriend as they try to make sense of a senseless tragedy. I just feel so sad for them all and for that young man and the loss of all he could have been and done and had in his life. Right now I don't know if the driver who hit him was drunk or just didn't see him, or what; but the street he was walking on is one of our larger streets and very well lighted at night, with traffic lights and numerous signs, etc warning about all the pedestrian crosswalks, as this road runs right in front of one of our high schools. So I just feel so sad for Frank and his parents and family and for my son and all his friends. My son is pretty devastated right now.


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