Sep. 22nd, 2010

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I survived my parent conference with the mother that I was told was TERRIBLE by the teacher who had her child last year; I had no problems with her or the conference and we both seem to want to work on and achieve the same goals for her little girl, so hopefully today's completely cordial meeting is a good omen for any future dealings with this parent. I felt ill all morning, as I always seem to do these days, but I slogged on through and was rewarded when I dragged home around 1:20 pm by the sweet gesture of my son having made a lovely lunch for us; he made NY strip steaks with a lovely bread crumb topping that he'd mixed with several delicious seasonings/spices, plus he also made baked potatoes and steamed asparagus spears with that was a lovely, peaceful lunch he and I had before he had to go back to his afternoon classes (he's taking culinary arts, so yeah, he is a better cook than I am!). It was nice to just sit and relax a bit before going to pick Marissa up from her grandmother's, and happily she is calm today and hasn't had any meltdowns and not too much pain from her arthritis.

If I can just get through two more parent conferences tomorrow and get my lesson plans for next week turned in by Friday, then maybe I will be all set Friday evening for the season premiere of Supernatural, which I am approaching with some trepidation after last season's very uneven mix of episodes. I think my number one misgiving for this new season lies with my continuing fear that the writers will NOT write the brothers' relationship in a way that I will find emotionally satisfying, as well as canonically logical. I mean, sure they have had a lot to deal with and now this added length of separation, but if they remain rather emotionally detached from each other all season and if Sam's character is TOO cold and analytical, I will be so disappointed I'm not sure I will be able to watch the show any longer. I know, everyone has their own opinion about the boys' bond together and how they should interact, and some will be quite happy with a new, changed dynamic between them for the season. I'm not saying NOTHING should ever change, because people DO change due to life's circumstances and I wouldn't expect season 6 Sam and Dean to behave exactly as they did in season 1. But I'm just saying, there are certain immutable elements of their relationship that--for me, anyway--are pretty much set in stone in my heart and soul, and if THOSE are erased to the point that the brothers don't even seem like brothers or like themselves at all anymore, then I can't take that. Sighs for caring so obsessively about two fictional characters, argh!!

Well, no new word on my nephew Chris, so I hope he's feeling better and his test results tomorrow won't be anything really bad; he's been through so much in his life and has such a sweet spirit, but more and more lately he has to struggle harder to recover from each new illness because his body is just wearing out.


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