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Well, my youngest daughter Lisa has been a nervous wreck the past 2 weeks or so trying to get her piece of crap car fixed (it died, she had it towed, they said it was fixed, she drove it off and as soon as she parked it, it was dead again; another tow, another promise it was fixed, and of course after she parked it and went next time to start it...it was dead. ANOTHER tow, by this time she was beyond fed up, as she'd already paid over $600 in tows and repair costs. FINALLY this third time she crawled under the car herself and found a sheared battery cable that they'd messed up the 3rd time while fixing her starter and alternator, so they fixed that and they at least didn't charge her for the other 2 tows or the rest of the repairs. But geesh!...) Anyway...she was so stressed from days of dealing with that car while also trying to repaint the interior of her new house she was about to move into and waiting for new carpet to be installed in the bedrooms, etc. They kept having to reschedule till it ended up they wouldn't be able to install the carpet till today, and she had to move YESTERDAY. So yesterday she moved all day and had to just stack all the bedroom stuff in the living room cause she had to wait till today to get her bedrooms carpeted (when she bought the house those 3 rooms only had concrete floors while the rest of the house has wood floors and tile in the bathrooms). She finally got her new washer/dryer delivered today as well (she was living in an apartment and had to use their washer/dryer so she had none of her own when she moved). She called me this evening exhausted but in the best mood I've heard her in in weeks; just so tired but relieved that the move is done and she has at age 28 her very first house and a yard for her big lab/husky mix named Tristan. So...a bit ago she called me again, sobbing hysterically, and I was freaking out not knowing what she was even saying; she had told me she was going to go pick herself up some dinner and try to relax, so I was thinking maybe she got in a car accident or something very bad because she was so, so upset. But she finally managed to explain that in the 20-30 minutes she was out, her dog freaked out completely and basically ate a big hole through her back wall by her sliding glass doors; he chewed a big metal strip right out of the wall, ate most of the plaster and drywall there and was down to the wood next to the doors when she got home and found him. She has moved 3x since she's had this dog, always to apartments, and while he does have terrible anxiety about thunderstorms, he's never had separation anxiety or torn up any of her apartments when she left him alone. Even when they were new places to him, he never freaked like he did this evening with the house. So she was just so tired already and seeing the damage he did in just 30 minutes sent her over the edge. So I feel terrible for her; she loves that dog to distraction, he's almost 11 now and she rescued him from a shelter over 6 years ago and he's gentle with everyone and gentle with other animals and has till now minded her very well, etc. But he just completely freaked today, even though she's brought him over there a few times while she was painting, etc to get him used to the place and to the yard; he does tend to jump fences and run off if left alone in a yard, so she didn't want to put him out back while she was gone. She just had no idea he'd destroy her wall like that. So now she has to fix that and she has to go back to work Monday and is hysterical that he'll totally destroy her house now. She doesn't want to crate him all day while she's at work, but till she figures out a way to help him get used to the new situation and calm down and not try to eat his way through the walls to escape, I guess she's going to have to just crate him. She also has a cat, but the cat didn't help his anxiety at all as a 'companion' to distract him while she was gone. I just feel bad for her, she worked so hard to even get that house and then to repaint it inside and everyting, and now all that damage from her dog.
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