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Jun. 2nd, 2017 07:11 pm
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Checking in this very windy Friday evening to say that, despite a week fraught with depressing political news and violence/mayhem on the global news, there are still lovely people in the world, some of them right on my own doorstep, so to speak. Just a few minutes ago a UPS driver who delivers packages to our home quite often stopped by with a wrapped gift for my daughter; over the course of his time delivering to us, my daughter has informed him more than once that she is a huge Nickelodeon tv fan, most especially a fan of the Nickelodeon '90's cartoon "Rocko's Modern Life." She fixates obsessively (she has autism) on ordering a new set of the complete series practically every time she turns around, sigh; it is one of her top two obsessions (the other being her calico cat), and she has close to 20 copies of that show right now. This lovely UPS driver is always nice enough to take a few minutes from his busy delivery schedule to join in a quick discussion of all the old Nick shows--my daughter was beyond impressed and delighted to find out that this delivery guy was a huge Nickelodeon fan himself as a kid-- and last time he dropped off a package to us he sang the theme song from "Hey Dudes" to her and had her grinning ear to ear. Anyway, this evening there was a knock on my door, and there was this same UPS delivery guy, not at work but driving his own private vehicle and on his own time; he was holding a wrapped package and said he wanted to give something to my daughter if I didn't object. So I called her to the door and we unwrapped it, and it was a glass-framed cartoon poster of Rocko, Spunky, and Heffer from "Rocko's Modern Life." She was so so happy, and that was so sweet of him to buy her that on his own dime and take time after his work schedule to drop by and give it to her. My daughter functions on the level of a 6 year old child even though she's 29 (but due to a genetic defect she still mostly LOOKS like a child as well), and it brought tears to my eyes that this UPS man was just so kind to her and made her day so much nicer for her. What a lovely person! 

In other news, my poor nephew Chris has had to have yet another emergency surgery due to a nasty infection in his latest dialysis port graft, but thankfully he came through it okay. I'm not sure if he will have to use that old tunnel catheter port in his chest again for his dialysis or what, but he is pretty much running out of feasible places to find a vein able to acommodate his dialysis treatments. So we are all just keeping him in our prayers; this is like the 7th or 8th surgery he's had on his grafts and ports because all of them keep clotting up and clogging up or getting infected.
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