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Work has been hectic, not just this past week but the week before THAT was wild, too; our prek Mother's Day tea that Friday started out well but in the middle of it one of the cafeteria ladies collapsed with chest pains so we had to call an ambulance and keep three classrooms of four year olds and their mommies distracted and calm while we relocated all the tea party things upstairs and moved all the kids and moms so the EMTs could get downstairs and tend to the poor lady (she went home but since then has ended up in the hospital AGAIN with heart trouble); then this week... we were terribly short-handed and I had to take one of the other 4's classes into my room with MY class so I had double the kids, argh, plus we had our prek music program/graduation this week and we had to practice for that daily and finish decorations for the stage and so on, and the program was the night of Supernatural's season finale, ugh, so I was mentally rushing the kids through the whole program, ha, so I could make it home in time for Supernatural (I don't have a dvr or vcr to record it). Not sure what that says about my pathetic life, that I would rather be home watching SPN than watching my little class graduate; I guess after almost a decade of this gig I am just a bit burned out this year, sigh. I still love all the kids and everything, but yeah...TIRED. And being sick all this past year with my thyroid and the radioactive iodine and my mom's cancer coming back and my son's nervous breakdown and so on, it's just been a ROUGH past year in general. So I am READY for a bit of summer break.

Anyway...had a few thoughts on the SPN finale, but I'll save those for later, perhaps. So many many people have reviewed it already, anyway, and said pretty much everything there is to say, so why clutter the journaling world with more of the same, right? For me it was basically so-so, a bit too tedious and protracted in spots and very tense and gripping in others.

Hey, my baby is on the road as I type this, heading home right now from college for summer break! Haven't seen her in months, so it will be great to have my daughter home for awhile. She finished up all her finals (electrical engineering major), and hopefully she did well (still waiting for all her exam results and final grades); she's had very good grades thus far and will be a junior in the fall. Anyway, it's a six hour drive one way to get here from college, so she should be home this afternoon sometime. I'm hoping to convince her to go see "Star Trek" with me this weekend, ha, as I've wanted to see it but didn't want to go alone. She isn't big on Trek in general, but when she was very small, like 3 or 4 years old, she had a strange obsession with Spock for awhile, ha (she's 20 now).

And now to end this long, pointless ramble--a book rec. This week I am reading a YA novel by Maggie Stiefvater called LAMENT: THE FAERIE QUEEN'S DECEPTION, and so far it is very intriguing, rather dark and foreboding with compelling characters. Here is a small excerpt from the very end of the chapter I just read this morning, told from the pov of the 16 year old main character, Deirdre, who has discovered she has the ability to see faeries and is now apparently beginning to read minds as well!:

...A white bird flapping in blood. Rising out of the blood. Another body. Another. Hands covered with red.
All I could see before my eyes was red, rising with increasing vertigo. I collapsed onto the cold marble, my breaths too slow and far apart. The wounds on my arm stung.
"Enough." Luke's voice, barely audible, came from across the floor. He was slumped against the wall, paler than white. His face, colorless and miserable, turned away, and I saw a single tear made of blood drip down his cheek, leaving a red stain behind it.
I knew then that I had done more than read his mind.
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